Enchanting beaches, paths winding thtough the mountain greenery and hospitable people offering you a smiling welcome… Whatever the time of year you decide to visit, you will find the Municipality of Volvi absolutely delightful. The natural landscape here is a pleasure to experience in any season. winter as much as summer!

Seven deaches at Asprovalta, Nea Vrasna and Stavros were awarded EU Bloue Flags from 2014
Safe… Sallow waters with sandy beaches, ideal for young children and familes, with lifeguards on duty on the main deaches.
Clean… The quality of the water across the whole Stryminic Culf iw tested and certified by the University of the Aegean.
Accessible… Right by main road networks, hotels, rooms for rent, shops and resturants.Lake Volvi… Enjoy a coffe and something to eat with a view over the second largest lake in Greece, home to 248 species of bird and 24 species of fish.
Walks… Along mountain paths, along the banks of Rihios River, across the Arethousa plateau and along the shores of Lake Volvi.
Forests… The rake lakeside forest of Apollonia, the plane forest of Melissoyrgos, the forest of Stefanina, the plane forest at Stavros and Asprovalta.
Ecotourism… Opportunities to watch the rare dirds of Lake Volvi, horseback riding and cycling along the shore, surfing and canoeing of the lake, and the omamental flower nurseries of Modi.Festivals… summer festivals with all sorts of events concerts of Greek and classical music, choral concerts, theatrical productions, etc.
Tradition… Throghout the year there are traditional feasts and customs, like Arapidew in Profitis, with its ringing of bells, and the Babo Festival at Skepasto.
Folklore... Explore the unique history of each area in the little local folklore museums, dedicated to preserving the everyday lives of local people.
Villages… Tour the picturesque villages of the region, like Ano Stavros and Vrasna, as well as the mountain villlages with ther distinctive character and atmosphere.
Religious… Holy Christian, the Bema of the Apostle Paul, the Church of Aghia Marina in Rentina, the Church of Aghios Lazaros in Evangelismos, Aghios Georgios in Stefanina and Aghia Paraskevi in Nikomidino.
Archaeological… The Fort of Vrasna, the Hellenistic villa at Asprovalta, the ancient settlements of Arethousa and Apollonia.
Byzantine… The castle of Rentina, the unique fortified community in the renowned Macedonian location of Temple, the post-Byzantine-Ottoman baths of Apollonia.
Environmental…The ancient plane trees at Scholan-Apollonia, the mysteriious Nymfopetres, the Drakotrypa Cave at Vrasna.
Amfipolis… Just 29km from the Kasta of Amfipolis, the most important of all the tomb in
MacedoniaExcursions… Just 69km from Ouranoupolis, gateway to Mt. Athos, 60km from Alistrati Cave, 14km from the birthplace of Aristotle (ancient Stageira), and just an hour’s drive from Thessaloniki.
Food… Sample the fresh seafood caught along the coastline of Strymonic Gulf, aw well aw deliciouw meats and dairy products, vegetables, tsipouro and other unique local products of the mountain and mountainside villages.
Entertainment… All sorts of leisure opportunities at clubs and bars by the sea, on the shore of the lake, or with fabulous views.