Beloved Guests,
During this difficult time for us all, your health and safety is of utmost priority for us here in Pansion Delfini.
We have done all the necessary so you can come & escape with peace of mind.


How We are taking care of you

Pansion Delfini is Health First certified and follows the Ministry of Health’s guidelines on cleaning and sanitation according to national legislation.
Communal/Public areas are being cleaned and sanitised daily. We also disinfect surfaces and equipment after each use.
During breakfast, we disinfect all of the tables and chairs after each use and provide single-use cutlery wherever possible.
We ensure antbacterial gel is available in all areas.
Our staff is equipped with all the required disinfectants and cleaning productis to ensure all areas meet the highest levels of hygiene.
We provide all the relevant information in order to keep you as healthy and safe as possible during your stay.
Guests not residing in the hotel are strictly prohibited from entering the hotel rooms even if they are relatives or friends.
Please use the Check In option available on our website to avoid delays and overcrowding at reception area

How You can take care of us

Please sanitise your hands as often as possible especially, after using the toilet. Please cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, ideally using a tissue, disposing of it safely after use and washing your hands immediately.
Please respectfully abide by social distancing. All communal furniture has been repositioned to meet social distancing requirements.
Keys left at reception must be placed inside the specified box for sanitation.
For long staying guests, any room cleaning services will be done upon customer request only. This is to keep our personel safe.
In case you develop symptoms during your stay please stay in your room and contact the hotel’s certified Health Officer who will contact the medical doctor and follow the protocol for the provision of immediate medical care.